Wadzie Claire Hair Salon


Wadzie Claire is a Unisex, Multicultural Salon that also provides professional consultations concerning various hair conditions such as those that lead to male and female hair loss and psoriasis.


The Salon itself focuses on the art and science of beautiful and healthy hair.


Wadzie is the driving force behind the business, widely recognised as one of the leading stylists in Leeds having over twenty years’ experience in hairdressing. She is also expected to qualify as a certified Trichologist in 2016 from the world renown London based Trichology Society, which we are all excited about.


As the business develops customers can expect a range of healthcare services related to scalp disorders and proven hair loss treatments, which may include laser treatment and hair transplants.


Customers are now able to order wigs from Wadzie Claire, these unique, customised wigs are hand-made for the individual.

Opening Hours

Mon: Closed
Tue to Sat: 10:00 - 18:00
Sun: Closed

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